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        (a contradictory message from the stones above; and so it is with Agenda 21)

What is Agenda 21?

AGENDA 21: It is the United Nations' plan in action for your community.

It doesn't matter whether you are on the Left or the Right on this issue; there is broad census amongst informed Democrats, awakening Middle America, some Republicans and  Conservatives: Agenda 21 is bad news for you!

  1. Democrats Against UN Agenda 21
  2. Freedom Advocates
  3. Agenda 21 and the Movement Toward a One-World Govt
  4. Choose Freedom: Stop Agenda 21

You can, and should, stop Agenda 21 in your community - and you can do so within your political affiliation - and comfortably communicate across the divides: Agenda 21 is bad for everyone.

Pay attention now, this is the opening paragraph of the entry for Agenda 21 on wikipedia"

"Agenda 21 is an action plan of the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development and was an outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups* in every area in which humans directly affect the environment."

It's there in plain English, the United Nations has for the sake of sustainable development a comprehensive blueprint for action that includes your local community.  The wikipedia article is dry in its explanation of Agenda 21.  The best way to see it is in action, how it is being implemented locally, and how it affects you.

It's aimed squarely at reducing you to human cattle, to remove your influence from the environment.  It is the growth of "smart city" planning wherein you'll be under the computerized eye 24/7, and the length, quality and span of your years totally regulated.  All of that loss of freedom for the shibboleth of "sustainable development," that is, you are expected to be glad to make the sacrifice of your liberty and prosperity for the sake of protecting the environment.

Agenda 21 is a scam for transferring wealth, this is how it's done:

Over 600 American cities are participating, and they are drawn into compliance with United Nations Agenda 21 by each communities' General Plan. Zoning Boards that participate push a document, the General Plan, that parrots whole cloth many provisions of Agenda 21,  whereby through the Zoning, and Redevelopment Agency of each community real estate is strategically devalued, and artificial incentives are created that make it inconvenient for people to live in the suburbs and rural areas. The aim of this economic sabotage is to force people off of the land, and into closely packed urban neighborhoods near public transportation hubs.  The purpose this allegedly serves is to harmonize the population with the environment for "sustainable development." The reason for community leaders doing this on the sly is that people are too stupid and selfish to know it's in their own best interest.

It's a false justification, and the purpose too is ill served by the scheme. The only people served are those people, often unelected bureaucrats, and super-rich funders of the environmental movement, who are in the know about the details.

People are not too stupid to cooperate in their own best environmental interest.

Prosperity and private property have made for greater environmental protection than poverty and disenfranchisement from the land.  We have seen this is true in the United States, and I've witnessed it first hand in New York, as I am sure some readers will recognize too upon reflection. Time and time again it is demonstrated: that private property makes for better stewardship of the earth than government programs.

In 1974 it was already known by the State Department and in the White House that the American people were headed for voluntary zero population growth by the year 2000. On what is considered to be hallmark of understanding of environmental, resource and energy issues, albeit a silent one nearly secret, the population issue was resolving itself through the people's individual choices, the very essence of liberty.

For that precious liberty America's population has grown not from the birth of natural born citizens but tides of immigrants by the millions, legal and otherwise. It is a remarkable feature of the American people, and much to their credit, that their good faith and character has endured this and in respect of the dignity of newcomers, even tens of millions of illegal aliens, enabled them to settle here. This observation is not an anti-immigrant rant but to show how the success of Americans' personal moral leadership on the population issue has been obscured and hidden. Liberty, that is freedom from coercion, and prosperity are what enabled Americans to be in that position of leadership of responsible environmental stewardship: self-control of our numbers. Ironically, this is what draws immigrants to America.

It worked in China too - notorious for its "one child" policy China performed an experiment where one city, Yicheng,  was exempt from the policy, and people could freely chose when and how many children to have. In this one city most children have a brother or sister, and aunts and uncles, while in the rest of China the average child has neither sister nor brother, not aunt or uncle so odious and cruel the "one child" policy has been enforced. Yet contrary to central planners and the expectations of think tank analysts eager to embrace this control and subject you to it; this city actually had slower population growth. When women can chose and families are free, their greater patience in having children appears as voluntary behavior.  

China embarked on this counter-productive and inhumane "one child" policy as misinformed policy: the Club of Rome was using unfounded assumptions of control theory and systems engineering to assert that life on Earth, and therefore civilization, was imperiled by ecological collapse brought about by human numbers unless these numbers were controlled.  For more than twenty years the Club of Rome has been consistent in deliberately (...) "searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill....All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

These lessons are lost on the likes of the radical John Holdren, who as the present Science Czar in the White House, has a vendetta against people's reproductive freedom that has matured from his early declarations of a "Planetary Regime" of forced abortions and compulsory sterilization to an actual program of geo-engineering with aerosols of  aluminum and barium for depopulation (the cover story is reduce Earth's solar gain and keep us safe from global warming ).

In New York State as the western frontier was opened up first by the Erie Canal, and then the Cumberland Gap, the Eastern forests were largely cut down to fire up kilns to make bricks, and then later to make coke for the steel industry. People settled and farmed large swaths of New York and Ohio land. Yet after this burst of industrial activity with hard consequences to the land, it healed, the forest grew back. People left farming for other jobs, often forming new communities. For the sake of peace and quiet, and privacy, the automobile made it possible for millions to to grow up in wooded suburbia. During the Baby Boom this meant every patch of forest and woods had lots of foot trails made by children and teens. Yet now those trails are  disappearing, the forests are encroaching on the lawns, and wild life is thriving. Many people like to live amongst nature, and let deer browse grow, feed songbirds, and individually manage many small plots of land to the benefit of wildlife, penning their dogs and belling the cats so that even predators such as wolves and coyote prowl.

They do this not by government decree, but for their own personal experience of the love of natural beauty, and sensible recognition of the balance of nature.

Agenda 21 on the other hand strives to kick them off, and force them into huge complexes of Soviet Era type housing, like could be seen in East Germany, the wasteful production of "projects" that no one wants to live in, and whose community is entirely contrived.  Hundreds of thousands of apartment units were abandoned in Germany in the years after re-unification. Central planning and construction of such contrived communities is unwelcome, and counter-productive. But then Agenda 21 really isn't about  the environment: it's about acquiring power, ( not to mention the insider profit from violating public trust and civic duty), and exercising it to spite people.  Logic be damned. 

Here are more examples:

Out West millions of acres of farmland lies fallow, the farmers paid not to farm, so as to stabilize market prices, and conserve the soil for f arming.  Logically, to conserve the soil for this purpose the farmers must be conserved as well, that is living on the land if they choose to, and they do: but  Agenda 21 defeats this working strategy for the nation's food security and thereby threatens national security, and attacks the liberty of people to live on the land in rural homesteads and suburbs.  

Owners of large tracts of land often prove to be able stewards of the land. In contrast under government management, particularly of the forests, the policy is lock up the forests and keep people out, and the result is to let them burn. Millions of acres of forest have needlessly burned, polluting the atmosphere with soot and that villainous gas CO2, because of road closures in compliance with Agenda 21. In the 21st century this lock 'em up and let burn "return to nature" policy has meant more than 5% of the total carbon emissions, all for nothing, when the people displaced actual had lower "carbon footprints."

In Indonesia, biologist Willie Smits took one of the worst pieces of deforested and barren land, 5,000 acres, and in a few short years re-grew rainforest with more than a 1000 species of plants, and employing 3,000 people, providing habitat for wildlife including primates, orangutans, and an increase of 132 species of birds, and measurably improving air quality that was also 10 degrees (F) cooler.  He chose the worst land he could find to  show that if it could be done with the worst, it would be a program that anyone could repeat. He said it was quite simple: the first step was to buy the land. He stresses that it is actually very biologically complicated, but this success was dependent on the clear legal status of private ownership. That way when people are involved they defend the land, but when it's state property the people do not defend it but instead exploit it.

There is another trend in human behavior that greatly reduces our impact on the land: the radius of play. In the past two generations in Western countries the radius of play of children has decreased to 1/9th of what it was the 1960s and 70s. This is the trend in the developing world too, as more and more children cocoon within their electronic entertainments at home, and adults as well are drawn into smaller radii of play. This can be seen as a bad thing in terms of personal development, but in environmental terms: there is a case to be made that expanding suburbia ten fold today, with today's technology, would actually have much less of an environmental impact than it did in your father's day.  (We should rather encourage kids to get out and play more, in natural settings, rather than confine them as institutional units to "smart growth" cities where the existential horror of a prison planet compels them to seek further refuge in realms of cultural works, TV, video games, and porn ~ Quixote)

That Agenda 21, and other eco-fascist schemes, are unnecessary to protect the environment should be obvious.  We were doing fine without them, better in fact, and enjoying it. Again, the real agenda is about power.

Literally, it is about power: the carbon trading schemes are essentially taxes on the air you breathe, supposedly required to prevent climate change forced by global warming, and also to adjust some segments of society, whole nations, to a powered down civilization of poor urban dwellers. Look at this graph that shows carbon emissions by economic block, from 1860 to 2140. The United States has to suffer very deep cuts in energy usage even as the rest of the whole gets the greater share of the remaining fossil fuel resources. 

This is pegged directly to economic activity, and value of the dollar.  Energy is required for work, and so with diminished energy resources there is less work and an increase in poverty. This illustrates an outcome of Agenda21 - transference of wealth, and the total impoverishment of the American people of the United States by 2070, except of course, the ruling elites who in their wisdom to defend the Earth have brought this about.

This is crisis mongering to fraudulent ends: while "peak oil" is a genuine phenomena of natural stores of geological carbon resources, there is no energy crisis: the crisis is a crisis of intelligence, and government, which are falling lock in step with Agenda 21 to crush humanity under the boot heel of sustainable development.  This is the manifestation of the energy endgame, whereby the false scarcity is created in order to consolidate political power.

There is abundant energy available, even the limited "dark green" supply of wind, solar, and open ocean algae farming means that the real issue facing humanity is not how to manage with less, but what wonders can we achieve with much more.

Agenda 21 just gets in the way of real progress. Let's have sustainable freedom and the results will be better for everyone, and the environment.

  ~ Grim  2011

* NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) is an official oxymoron, double talk to disguise the advance guard of the piecemeal institution of global government under the banners of charity and public interest groups... these are the "major groups" Agenda 21 refers to and relies on to implement their program. So it doesn't  matter that ICLEI as a premier example, and others,  predate Agenda 21, they are serving its aims.

t If Anthropogenic Global Warming from Greenhouse Gases is a significant part of the climate then there are better ways to manage the atmosphere with the help of living billions who would enjoy prosperity from their efforts, than spraying them with chemtrails, and taking other anti-life measures in geo-engineering.

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